Pour a few drops of the new oil onto the oil filter gasket that is made of rubber and screw the filter into place. After the gasket reaches the engine block, continue tightening for three quarters of a turn.

When cleaning the keys, use a damp cloth on the tops of the keys. If automotive store near me are hard to clean, you can use a mild soap solution. It is important to make sure no water spills down the sides of the keys and that they are all dried thoroughly.

If I’ve got a problem with my car that I need to fix, I wouldn’t want to say ‘fix car’. If the problem was say electrical my list could say ‘check alternator’ or ‘check battery’. Or even ‘take car to auto parts near me to have alternator checked’ (most of them will do that you know).

car parts near me Now you are ready to come out from under the car. If your car uses five quarts of oil go ahead and pour four in. This will be done were you removed the cap from. Using a funnel can make this process smoother.

Look at window films - If you live in a southern climate, you may find yourself using the air conditioner a lot. I’m sure you know by now that the air conditioner uses more gas. This means that if you can cut back on your air conditioning habits, you can reduce your gas bill. A great way to look into saving on your air conditioning is by investing in window films. These are simple films that wrap around the window making the inside of the car about ten to twenty degrees cooler than the outside. If you can reduce the temperature inside, this will lessen the chance of using your air.

Mike Macho will be a busy guy on Saturday, March 24 as he stops by the autoparts in Marietta located at 4195 Roswell Road. Mike will greet fans and have lots of Kicks prizes from 10am to noon.

Installation is a major ordeal on some bed liners but not on rubber bed mats. The hardest part is lifting the heavy thing up into the bed. After you get it hoisted into place, all you do is roll it out. It wants to lie flat, being thick and stiff. Once it’s in place, there’s no worry about it blowing away or moving in the wind. It is too heavy for that.

Open the hood of your Grand Am and begin by placing the belt over the air conditioner pulley which is the furthest wheel back, just behind the tensioner.